What REALLY makes your collaborators happy at work

What REALLY makes your collaborators happy at work

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Whether you’re the Office Manager or the Executive Assistant, you surely have a Happiness Manager hat. The happiness of your collaborators is part of your (many) goals. Shocks of shocks: salary isn’t the only criteria which matters, when it comes to happiness at work, far from it! Actually, it’s perhaps one of the least important factors. So, what makes your colleagues happy? How can you make them smile when they come to work, as the Office Manager, Executive assistant or Happiness Manager? Let’s review some factors, which really make your collaborators happy at work. 

The company’s culture

A positive working environment, where one has the means to give the best of oneself, this is key to be happy at work. Each company has their own culture and needs to go through genuine reflection. As we had all seen in our interview with Olivier Ramel, the founder of Kymono, it is important not to copy the terms of a company’s culture, with what one finds elsewhere. The company’s culture depends on the collaborators and their way of working and perceiving things. An Office Manager has a lot of knowledge on the company but the collaborators too. So, you’re the ideal person to suggest actions, revolving around your company’s culture! If you’re working in a firm where people dig exchanging and brainstorming for hours, establishing a collaborative culture, based on teamwork is a brilliant idea. Moreover, don’t forget that a company’s culture isn’t something rooted, it evolves depending on the comings and goings of the collaborators, company’s growth, evolution of its market, etc.…Implementing an adapted company’s culture is a major leap, to make sure that your collaborators are productive and fulfilled. 

The fact of making a real impact

If you were to stick to doing what your boss asks you to do, without any power to decide, or possibility to make your very own impact, would you be happy at work? If this was the case, we can only advise you to quit your job. The same goes for your collaborators. They wish to do a job which is meaningful and where they can provide their personal touch. The possibility of showing others one’s capacities and strong points is without any doubt, a factor of happiness at work. Once again, this factor can be linked to the company’s culture. So, work towards implementing a company’s culture, where each one can make an impact. For example, some companies set up entrepreneurship, where each collaborator can use 10% or 20% of his time, to work on a project through his own initiative, within the company. You’ll be surprised to discover the hidden talents of your colleagues. 

Relationship with the Manager

This one is really obvious. It’s surely one of the most critical factors, for happiness at work. If a collaborator gets into a fight 3 times a day with his boss, things are going to be a little complicated in terms of happiness. The managers need to install an atmosphere which favors trust, promoting exchanges and progress. They need to desire the success for their collaborators and help identify opportunities for career development. They can be the source of inspiration or on the contrary, shake up the energy of your colleagues. Not always easy while being an Office Manager, when it comes to giving your opinion on another person’s way of managing things, but be exemplary while being yourself, when you manage projects within a team. 

Relationship with Colleagues

In the obvious category, here is another one. We spend innumerable hours with colleagues. If collaborators were to sulk at the slightest clash, the impact on the work satisfaction, would be just huge. Office Managers, you should know how to provide a working environment, which favors exchanges, therefore your colleagues can forge ties. You have various opportunities to foster the creation of such an environment, for example establishing team buildings, sporty activities, a pleasant kitchen, where colleagues gather at noon…The true ones know that foosball may create fights rather than forge links. 


The fact of learning and being able to evolve one’s career is one of the keys to success, in the long run. When you always do the same thing and don’t develop any skills, you end up getting bored, losing confidence and then becoming completely counterproductive and depressed. One of the things you can establish and educate your collaborators on, is about looking into vocational training.  


No need to give your collaborators a huge GM ride as their company car, to make them happy. Some advantages can be developed without ruining your company’s bank accounts (jealously maintained by your boss). Implementing flexible working hours, remote work policy or even a napping space: all these advantages favor happiness at work, as much. Learn to fight to set up these programs.

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