Office Manager’s motivation in the long run

Office Manager’s motivation in the long run

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There are days it is present, and others no. “It” means motivation, an important element for professional fulfillment. It is « easy » to be motivated in the short term but to be a rock-solid Office Manager, this motivation needs to last in the long run. Some discipline is required. Easier said than done. Here are some of our little secrets:

Come out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself

The comfort zone is so comfortable…However, nothing extraordinary takes place. So, go out and challenge yourself on a daily basis! Accept projects which make you nervous, you’ll come out stronger! This event which needs to be organized abroad? This complex process which needs to be implemented? Or even this task, which was given to you, for which you thought you didn’t have the necessary skills? Accept all the challenges! When a challenge stresses you out, ask yourself: “what is the worst that could happen to me?”. Very often, you’ll see the answer is « nothing serious » or “I’ll be a little embarrassed”. So, you’ll put things in perspective and equip yourself with courage.

Note: if the response to this question “what is the worst that could happen to me” is “get me fired”, indeed requires more thought. We are inspiring courage and not craziness. We decline all responsibility, in case of a disaster! 

Be proactive

Don’t stick to doing only the things one asks you to do. Be proactive, create new projects yourself and try to highlight the company as much as you can. For this, make offers to your superiors, express what seems pertinent to you to implement. You’ll gain motivation, autonomy but mostly Leadership. One will trust you more for sure. Moreover, by choosing your projects yourself, you’ll theoretically work on topics which arouse your interest. 

Set goals

If one doesn’t have goals, one can’t achieve them, that’s for sure. Set tangible goals, divide these into sub goals and do your best to achieve them. For this, you can use the SMART method.With this method, the goals you define need to be specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic and defined, in time. You’ll see that there is nothing more satisfying than achieving goals and your motivation will get a major boost. Regularly review how your goals move forward. For this, how about creating indicators? 

Be up to speed with facts of your company’s sector of activity

If the activity of your company doesn’t interest you, there isn’t much of a chance that you’ll be motivated in the long run. Take an interest in the recent fact of your company’s sector of activity, read specialized press, go to the conferences which are organized…If your company works in the food sector for goldfishes, it’s going to be tough to take an interest (oops, we hope we haven’t hurt anyone).

Build a stable and healthy relationship with your boss

It’s the basics. Try to appreciate your boss and get yourself appreciated, as far as possible. If the simple fact of seeing your boss, gives you cold sweats, well good luck working for him or her for several years. Build a healthy relationship and try to gain some trust.  

Networking– Networking – Networking

One could never say this enough: networking! Meet your peers and exchange on Office Management. The feeling of having found a good network, having people with whom you can exchange and ask for help, will allow you to move forward with your goals. 

Show discipline

Why in 90% of the times one doesn’t stick to the good resolutions one makes for the new year? One usually sticks to them for a while and not in the long run. For this, there is no miraculous recipe, what you need is discipline. Once the new habit has been implemented, try to stick to it in the long run and force yourself, if need be. This last point is key, to maintain the motivation in the long run. So build nerves of steel!


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