Aude’s profile, HR & Office Manager at Karos!

Aude’s profile, HR & Office Manager at Karos!

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Making the planet cleaner by favoring carpooling, while commuting, does that a ring a bell? This is the mission at the company, Karos. We met Aude, who works as the HR & Office Manager. Here’s her profile!

Hello Aude, where do you work ?

I have been working at Karos since a year now, as their HR and Office Manager. Karos, is a start-up, who specializes in commute carpooling, its ultimate goal being: restraining individual car use and CO2 emissions, which makes carpooling, simple and accessible. 

When and why did you decide to become an Office Manager

The day when I saw the job description of an Office Manager, it hit me. The multi-tasking aspect, but also organization and the variety of projects, were totally in keeping with what I wanted to do. I therefore took the decision of giving the experience a shot and it’s been 4 years since I am an Office Manager! 

Was your education related with Office Management? If yes, how so ?

Not particularly, I went to a business school and specialized in events management, therefore I was introduced to various themes, which in the end are part of my daily life today (accounting, finances, HR).

A good day for an Office Manager, never begins without… ? 

Good mood, a coffee and there you go…

What are the painful chores of an Office Manager ?

The most painful chore for an Office Manager is timing and stress management ! Most things are urgent and sensitive, so one needs to come up with solutions quickly and always have a Plan B. 

What can cheer up an Office Manager ?

According to me, it’s the team, receiving support when one needs it and a great deal of humor every day! 

Something you established and you’re especially proud about ? 

When I joined Karos, we took the decision of implementing a new payroll software, which helps manage holidays and digitize pay slips. Implementing this, required a lot of time and HR knowledge. A major challenge but promising success, after 6 months of use, this tool helped smoothen and made payment easier. 

When two Office Managers have coffee together, What do they talk about ?

One compares the tasks we have: the Office Manager’s position often differs from one company to another. One also talks about the various service providers and initiatives we were able to implement, and which were successful with the management/team. 

Does the profession of Office Manager, lack recognition ? 

The job in general, yes I think so. Mostly from the various service providers, who aren’t necessarily used to working with such a profession. Within the company, the job is acknowledged, when it has been properly introduced to the team. 

If you weren’t an Office Manager, you would be ?

Without any question, I would be a pastry chef!

What would be your advice to someone who wants to begin the career as Office Manager ?

GO FOR IT ! It’s a super rewarding job, one learns every day and we develop several skills in various areas. Think and then take action, when you are an Office Manager. We want everything to move forward quickly and this can lead to blunders. So, one has to be sure about what one is doing and only then, implement the actions.  

What do you consider as magic ?

When we manage to receive all the bills at the end of the month, it’s pure and simple magic :)

A little note to end ?

Thank you for highlighting this beautiful job!


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