Add more value to your company when one is an Office Manager

Add more value to your company when one is an Office Manager

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Office Manager, you’re devoted to your collaborators on a daily basis, you bring joy and well-being within the company and make it, so that everything works for the best. But at times, it happens that you are jealous of your commercial colleagues, who at times show off about the financial benefits they provide the company with. Of course, a financial result is always the outcome of an action for all the collaborators and the Office Manager is the keystone. You too, add in a lot of value. Perhaps, without realizing at times. If you wish to contribute even more and redden your commercial colleagues, here are a few leads. An article to be shared with your CEO to show who is the real boss here. 

Make your company save money:

It’s often the Office Manager who chooses the suppliers with whom he wishes to work, whether it’s for meal deliveries, consumables or even organizing events. It could be a good thing to regularly carry out a check on one’s suppliers, put them in competition and negotiate the best prices. When all this adds up, these various savings are a major bonus for the company. The money which is saved, can be used to pamper your collaborators even more. Careful though, don’t turn into a piker, your colleagues won’t really appreciate the traditional seminar which takes places in the mountains every year, is replaced by a simple speech from the CEO in a village hall. They might not really acknowledge the savings.  

Make your company earn money:

Yes, you too make your company earn money. How? You’re the guarantee for the good relationship among several interlocutors of the company: suppliers, partners, and mainly clients. A company who is in good terms with his interlocutors, is a company which (theoretically) functions well and therefore earns money. Let’s be straight about it: you too have a direct impact on the money earned by your company. 

Another way of making your company earn money is networking. By meeting other professionals, you’ll be brought to talk about your company. It could gradually lead to business synergies. Next thing you know, between two sips of Champagne, you’re whipping out your visiting card and asking your interlocutors to get in touch with you to talk. After which, you give this person’s contact details to the Commercial director, for whom this is a godsend. If the opportunity pans out, don’t forget to negotiate a little bonus with your Commercial Director, hard work deserves a fair reward. 

Improve the process

If you’re in charge of implementing the process in the company, try to continuously improve this. Implementing a process helps save time, for you (you’re fed of one asking you three times a day, about the process to ask for leave), but mainly for your collaborators. As the saying goes, time is money. To make these processes easily accessible, make a collaborative workspace available for everyone. A wiki for example, you already know, wikis are going to save your life. 

Solve issues

Office Managers are natural « problem solvers”! They always come up with solution for any problem. Whether it’s mediating in a professional clash, handling Alex’s problem, who isn’t able to connect to the company’s intranet or finding the right adapter for the projector: one can count on them. This is a true value contribution, for the company.  

Improve the quality of products or services 

By dint of rubbing shoulders with your collaborators, you know the products and the services offered by your company by heart: the way these are implemented, the production, development and sales marketing processes…This is no mystery to you. And if you had a say in all this? You’re not forced to stick to your role as an Office Manager, it’s quite possible that you have several ideas to suggest, to the various teams in order to improve the products and/or services of the company. So, don’t deprive yourself from this, it’s another form of value contribution.


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