9 signs which point out that it’s time to take off from your company

9 signs which point out that it’s time to take off from your company

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You know your company inside out. It’s been years since you’ve been working there. Though, for a while now, you’re fed up of going to work and the plain sight of your boss’s ugly face gives you cold sweats. You go to the work reluctantly and are seriously thinking about changing companies. But you wonder if this is a good idea: it’s not always easy changing jobs. Are you doing this for the right reasons? Here are 9 signs which point out that it’s time to take off from your company and move onto something else. 

1. You’ve lost the « passion »

Your boss comes to your office all enthused and tells you that he has a fantastic project to offer you: organizing a company seminar in Scandinavia. You love reindeers and you’re not the skittish type, however you don’t care much for this new project. You just respond by an “ok”, without any emotions or the slightest interest. Your boss could have offered you any other project, your reaction would have been the same. In any case, you don’t listen to half the stuff he says. A stark observation: you’ve lost the passion for your job. 

2. You have a hard time waking up in the morning

When your alarm rung at 7:15am sharp, you jumped out of bed, filled with joy at the idea of spending the day with your wonderful colleagues. But now you press the snooze button, at least 3 times, to stare at your hopeless face in the mirror, before taking a shower and swallowing the coffee, which could only taste like feet. This is a sign as well. 

3. You’re the first one to take off from work, at the end of the day

5:01 pm, everyone is still here, except one person: you. The idea of working one minute more than what is written in your contract, is unthinkable. In any case, your additional working hours are never paid, so what’s the point. You run to the next-door bar and swallow up a pint and encourage your toady colleagues to do the same. 

4. You can’t stand your boss’s face

Before, you liked your boss. You found the latter quite handsome/beautiful. Today it’s the opposite: you do everything to avoid this person. His/her simple presence makes you want to run away and all you see are the love handles which seem to stick out of the shrunken shirt. 

5. You tried breaking your arm to get a sick leave

Last night at your trampoline fitness lesson, you intentionally threw yourself on the ground with your outstretched arms, hoping to break them and get sick leave, so that you don’t need to go to the office for a few days. Tough luck, your arm still works fine and the only thing you were able to achieve was “you ok? “from your coach, who was trying to keep from smiling while the crazy laughter echoed in the room. 

6. You think you’re not paid enough

You’re definitely devoted, at least you were a few months ago, when you realized that you were paid less, compared to all your other Office Manager colleagues. 

7. You wonder if your years of experience is worth something

Whether you wish to leave your company or not, one day or the other, you’ll need to highlight this experience with recruiters. But when you think about it, you wonder if all these years in the company helped you develop your skills. Will recruiters notice all the work you’ve pitched in? Do you spend more time filling in envelopes and yelling at your colleagues about the kitchen which isn’t tidied properly, rather than doing more constructive and empowering work? 

8. You do your best to get fired

You may not necessarily have the guts to quit your job, so you do everything for your boss to take the decision to fire you. You’re often late, you try to make as many mistakes as possible with your reports and you trigger a horrible atmosphere at work. Until now it didn’t work but it soon should. 

9. Your family hates your job, even more than you

During meals with your sweetheart, all you talk about is this job you hate so much. It has turned into the only conversation topic and your soulmate can’t take it anymore. The latter hates your job more than you. So, is it time to change companies?


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