4 Toltec agreements for the Office Manager

4 Toltec agreements for the Office Manager

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If you didn’t know, « The 4 agreements », is a great literature classic, in the personal development category. Written in 1997 by Don Miguel Ruiz, this book states the 4 principles in life, drawn from the Toltec culture, a Mesoamerican culture, to live a healthy life which is filled with joy. These 4 agreements are very simple but make a positive effect on you and your surroundings. If you haven’t read it yet, we definitely advise you to read it. We don’t want to turn you into Wisemen, but this is how you should apply these 4 life principles in your life as an Office Manager. 

May your word be flawless

Our dear Miguel explains, that word is one of the most powerful tool Man possesses. Words have great power. This is why, criticism can deeply hurt someone; The next time when a colleague asks you about the procedure to settle an expense report for the tenth time, kindly remind the latter the procedure which is available on the collaborative workspace environment, without pointing out that he or she is good for nothing, something that you don’t really think. Learn to be diplomatic and value the assets of your collaborators, they’ll return this a hundred-fold. Speak honestly and only say what you think, without getting carried away with your emotions. 

The same thing goes for yourself. At times it happens that during an inner dialog, one tends to debase oneself. So, if you’re not able to round off a task on time, don’t tell yourself that “You suck” rather “I’ll do better next time”. 

Don’t make it personal 

What others say and do, is a projection of their reality, their dreams, their fears and their anger. Their remarks and actions don’t directly concern you; these are inner events. So, it’s possible that your boss may be in a nasty mood this morning and shout at you as you didn’t reply to a mail by phone, on time. Keep your distance with this attitude: if your boss is angry, it’s his problem, not yours. When one is criticized, it’s only the person’s opinion who is this and not reality. Put the opinions and attitudes in perspective. Plus, who is your boss to judge you, you who finished Pokémon in only 2 weeks? 

Don’t make assumptions

We spend our time making assumptions, imagining what would happen in such and such situation…Often, the scenarios we imagine, make a negative impact. In most of the cases, these fears are completely unjustified, though they strongly affect us. 

So, don’t make probable negative assumptions, left right and center. For example, if this morning, Michael from accounting didn’t respond to your hello, this doesn’t mean the latter is mad at you for having taken the last Danish. He may just be sunk in his own thoughts, to such an extent, that he forgot about your presence. 

Always do your best

You’re not forced to succeed, but simply do your best. This way, you’ll avoid feeling guilty, judging yourself and having regrets. Don’t go overboard, otherwise you’ll drain out all your energy. But don’t do less than you can, otherwise you’ll be frustrated. You need to find the perfect balance. Try, initiate and use your energy in the best possible manner. What’s right for you, shouldn’t come from others, it’s up to you to learn and get to know yourself. 

So, during the next team-building, do your best so that everyone is happy and has a good time, but don’t spend the weekend plugging away on the topic, coming back home, completely tired on Monday, which will be counter-productive in the end. 

These 4 Toltec agreements are very simple, but they require diligence and discipline, so that you include them in the long run, during your life as an Office Manager. We hope, they’ll help you lead a healthier life and forge peaceful ties with your colleagues. Don’t forget, practice makes perfect. 


You have other principles in life to lead your life brilliantly, as an Office Manager? 

Don’t hesitate sharing them in the comments, we are very curious about this topic!


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